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Land of Tornadoes
The dust bowl has returned, Frackheads roam the lawless streets and one unusual family plots to take down the oil company that caused it all but the harsh environment, a series of unfortunate events and revealed family secrets threaten to ruin all that they love.            

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Melanie Sovran Wolfe
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PROFESSOR HEX vs TEXAS MEN; Where women's rights and revenge fantasy meet!

When Professor Hex, a Harvard Women's History professor, with a love for punishing males, is summoned to Amarillo, Texas to help a woman on trial for miscarriage—the unexpected occurs and the men throughout the city, including the judge and lawyers involved in the trial, inexplicably become pregnant, sparking a contentious battle over reproductive rights in a state governed by strict pro-birth laws. As the men face their impending fates and fight for their freedom to choose, a poignant exploration unfolds. Meanwhile, Professor Hex meets the son she lost and grapples with loving a human male again as they navigate their challenges and face his father, Orion, the devil. With a compelling blend of magic and real-world issues, this story delves deep into thought-provoking themes on love and family, while challenging beliefs and a culture that has suppressed women for thousands of years, and ultimately highlighting the power of choice and its intricate ties to freedom.