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Melanie Suzanne Wolfe was born in Kansas City, Mo in 1971 where she lived until the age of nine when her mother moved to Northeastern Oklahoma. Melanie studied Liberal Arts at the University of Oklahoma. She didn't fall in love with storytelling until the age of thirty-eight and once the romance started she was committed for life. She  eats, breathes and lives for the craft.

She is now the author of several titles, including: The Last Life of Emma Taylor (2010), Ashes at Woodstock (2012), Living with John Wayne (2014) and several other works coming to the market soon.​ Melanie also writes under the pen name Beatrice B. Blue. She is currently working on a modern Grapes of Wrath meets the Outsiders meets Mr. Robot. 

Melanie's reading and writing tastes are eclectic and all over the place; from the dark and demented to enchanted magical lands to the sweet and innocent in the real world--she loves it all. But, lately, her writing has been focused around social injustice, environmental and human rights issues.

Her personal interests that influences her work are class warfare, economics, world welfare, spirituality, diversity, cultural criticisms, family, equality and most recently tech, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and how it will free us from the 1%.

Melanie will consider ghost and article writing projects when she is not working on a book. Use the contact form below to make an offer.

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