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Melanie S. Wolfe was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1971 where she lived until the age of nine when her mother moved to Northeastern Oklahoma. She became a military wife at the age of eighteen and moved all over the world, volunteering for Army Community Services and dedicating her time to families abroad who needed help assimilating to a new culture. Later, she moved back to Oklahoma and Melanie studied Liberal Arts at the University of Oklahoma. She also founded and co-founded two startups.

She is now the author of several titles, including: The Last Life of Emma Taylor (2010), Ashes at Woodstock (2012), Living with John Wayne (2014) and several other works coming to the market soon.​ Melanie also writes under the pen name Beatrice B. Blue. 

Melanie's reading and writing tastes are eclectic and all over the place; from the dark and demented to enchanted magical lands to the sweet and innocent in the real world to non-fiction--she loves it all. But, lately, her writing has been focused around social injustice, environmental and human rights issues and brought about in a compelling story. 

On a personal note; she has a fetish for pondering quotes, an odd preoccupation with the insanity of the human resources profession; a deep concern for the underdog and she's a lifelong student of inner alchemy and esoteric subjects.
Melanie will consider ghost and article writing projects when she is not working on a book. Use the contact form to make an offer.

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