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Born in Kansas City, MO in 1971 to a fifteen-year-old mother and a twenty-seven-year-old pimp, Melanie should have turned out illiterate, working the streets and hustling people like her father. She struggled with learning disabilities and flunked most of her classes;thinking she was dumb, she gave up and quit high school her junior year. 

She suffered from PTSD and severe depression for many of her adult years. Her father's last words telling her she would turn out a prostitute haunted her but also pushed her forward. She had to prove him wrong. She would go onto to the University of Oklahoma as a Liberal Arts student and travel the world; camping in the Swiss Alps, snorkeling in Guam and hiking a portion of the PCT. 

She successfully fought her demons, slayed the dragon of self-acceptance and forged her own path. At the age of 38, she fell in love with creative writing and would write her first novel. 

Today, Melanie is the author of several books, including: The Last Life of Emma Taylor (2010), Ashes at Woodstock (2012), Mrs. Robinson (2014), Living with John Wayne (2014) and several other works coming to the market. She writes stories about people who go through some sort of transformation. ​She loves the craft of writing as much as she loves to read. Her tastes are eclectic and all over the place; from the dark and demented to enchanted magical lands to the sweet and innocent in the real world--she loves it all. 

Melanie is the former Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Inigo Online, an international magazine centered around people who create, invent or take risks for a project or a dream. 

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Read her personal essays and flash fiction pieces on Wattpad.

She currently lives in Oklahoma City with her hubby, kids and two kitties. Her personal interests, some of which sneaks into her books includes everything that falls within the the humanities, reading, personal growth, conscious living, travel, food (all of it-yum!), coffee, cultural criticisms, equality, anything moving the human race forward, music, spirituality, diverse cultures, sacred economics, movies, and esoteric studies.