Melanie S. Wolfe, Author 
About the Author            

Melanie Sovran Wolfe is an author and aspiring screenwriter. Melanie currently lives on the beautiful coast of Maine with her family, sixteen chickens and four crazy cats.

Melanie, pronounced Muh-Lane-e, won Best Female Scriptwriter for her screenplay HE'S JUST A BOY in the Toronto Women Film Festival in 2022.​

She is the author of several independent books, including: The Last Life of Emma Taylor (2010), Ashes at Woodstock (2012), Living with John Wayne (2014), Land of Tornadoes (2020) and several other works published on the internet.​ 

Social justice issues, inequality, human rights, religious, political and cultural criticisms, revolution, societal rebellion are just a few of the themes that show up in her unique stories.

Melanie was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1971. She studied Liberal Arts at Pikes Peak College and then at the University of Oklahoma, and has lived in various place in and outside the US.

​Melanie's a hobby photographer and offers free photos for personal use at Pexels, she's a big fan of digital currency, tech, and it's ability to decentralize everything, and The Venus Project, which is mentioned often in her work; she's a bit of a futurist and visionary as well. She also creates political NFT art for fun on Rarible .  

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