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The Ryan Darcy Journals is a series that follows a troubled eighteen-year-old as he travels the world, falls in and out of love, explores new cultures and beliefs and all while fulfilling his late grandmother's bucket list. Picture a fictional version of the books: Into the Wild, Wild and Eat Pray Love, and the movie, The Way all rolled into one.

Ashes at Woodstock is the first book in the series. In this book, Ryan finds himself on a road trip with three former civil rights activists and their grandchildren, to which Ryan will experience his first love, Chelsea, who appears in and out of the series. The road trip ends in Bethel, New York, the site Woodstock was once held, where Ryan spreads the ashes of his late grandmother.

Macy wants her husband's forgiveness and the only way to prove her loyalty is to take in Hank, her husband's elderly grandfather from Texas. But Hank, a man's man, makes life difficult for the young New Yorker, and Macy, a modern woman, finds proving she's committed to the family harder than she had thought. 

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A college girl, struggling with her beliefs, finds herself caught up in a battle between good and evil.

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Brody is small and vulnerable in prison but after he takes up for a giant teen named Leviathan, Brody finds himself safe from the predators. Brody and Levi find hope in planning a trip to Denmark after their release but their dreams get cut short when tragedy strikes. 

This is a glimpse into the life of a twelve-year-old boy convicted of murder and living in an adult prison. I wrote this piece to bring awareness to the 10,000 US children currently held in adult prisons. 

Coming soon!

Americans are the new refugees. 

Bug and her sister try to flee their war-torn country only to run into road blocks and a very cruel world. Then they meet a man named John, a border agent who lost his daughter in the war and their lives are changed forever. Coming soon!

(A short story inspired by the Syrian Refugee Crisis. In submission process. Available soon.)
When Dr. Amy Robinson goes out to celebrate being single for the first time since her college days, Zack Matthews, a twenty-seven-year-old with an obsession to turn his ex-professor into his very own Mrs. Robinson, does everything in his power to win the beautiful cougar over. But what starts out as a passionate fling quickly grows into more.

 (Warning: Mature audiences only.)

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A short story about a woman in the middle of a mid-life crisis and on the brink of giving up when another woman appears out of nowhere and changes her perception of her life. 

(In submission, not available yet.).)
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I wrote OBSCURA for the TNT Horror Contest. You can read it for free on Wattpad. UPDATE: This title is in the query process. More details later.

Beatrice isn't too keen on life in the White House, teens and the Secret Service don't mix, but after Beatrice's siblings disappear on Level C in the basement and rumors emerge about a revived ancient Roman cult underneath America's Capitol, Beatrice finds herself caught up in the horrors of an underground, sadistic world.

Written for the Hulu /The Handmaiden's Tale flash fiction contest.

A gynecological exam goes wrong and a young woman discovers how morbid her theocratic world has become. Read for free on Wattpad.
In the Works

The Pimp's Daughter (title has changed to The Awakening of a Pimp's Daughter), a spiritual memoir. 

The Rest of Us: A human rights themed anthology.

Goetia: YA Paranormal

Wrath's Return: A modern Grapes of Wrath story with a twist.