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Ashes at Woodstock is the first book in the Ryan Darcy Journals series. A long road trip in a 1969 VW van forces four people to come together through grief. Three elderly civil rights feminists and a lost young man are forced to spread the ashes of a beloved friend and grandmother at the site Woodstock was once held. But toxic masculinity and feminism doesn't make for a good mix, and the road trip quickly becomes a nightmare. 

#comingofage #overcomingabuse #boomersVSgenZ #healingthedivide

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Macy wants her husband's forgiveness and the only way to prove her loyalty is to take in Hank, her husband's elderly grandfather from Texas. But Hank, a man's man from a different era makes life difficult for the young progressive New Yorker, and the clash between liberal and conservative ideas divides the home. 

#healingTHErightANDleft #liberalVSconservatism #comingtogether

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The Last Life of Emma Taylor

​It's Emma's 33rd life and it's time she awakens and ascends back to 12th dimension but someone wants to use her I AM energy and keep her from remembering. Is it her social-worker, the religious flake of a roommate, the professor with a demon's name, the football player crushing on her or the teacher's assistant she can't stop thinking about? Find out in The Last Life of Emma Taylor. 

#relgiouscriticism #southernculture #spirituality #anglesanddemons #paranormal #YA/NewAdult #lightromance #goodvsevil
THE REST OF US is an anthology of human rights/social injustice related short stories. (Update: Anthology on hold)

A BOY AMONG US (Title changed to The Rights of a Boy and available to readon on Story Therapy for free.

Brody is small and vulnerable in prison but after he takes up for a giant teen named Leviathan, Brody finds himself safe from the predators. When Brody and Levi are transferred to an adult federal prison, the two create a safe, play world in the cocoon of their cell. They also find hope in planning a trip to Denmark after their release but their dreams get cut short when tragedy strikes. 

This is a glimpse into the life of a twelve-year-old boy convicted of murder and living in an adult prison. I wrote this piece to bring awareness to the 10,000 US children currently held in adult prisons. 

Coming soon in THE REST OF US ANTHOLOGY. Status: Complete

Current WIP or soon to be released titles!

​Title has changed to The Awakening of A Pimp's Daughter (temporary cover)

A memoir about my first decade of life growing up with a father who was a pimp for a notorious 1970's motorcycle gang and how I overcame being raised by toxic masculinity. 

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Land of Tornadoes

They were supposed to be the next Kennedys, each adopted Wilson teen prepared for a specific political office, but when their father, CTO of Colossal Oil is falsely accused of stealing from the company after he publicly voices his concerns about the recent return of the dust bowl and fracking chemicals leaking into the drinking water and its correlation to the current outbreak of Frackheads (people who become psychopaths and roam the roads with one mission, to kill for fun) the family’s focus goes from the future to a revenge hacking operation. However, the eight adopted kids are getting burned out from the long hours and Lincoln and Rosa’s recent act of rebellion sets off a divide within the family that challenges the whole mission. 

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​#culturalcriticism #capitalistcriticism #familydynamics #dysfunctionalfamily #love #multiracial #antioil #climatechange

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Book One: Professor Hex & 
The Mega Church Conspiracy (this is a temporary cover)

Book Two: Conversion
A cursed witch with a vengeance for the Vatican, goes looking for a trans kid who disappeared while in the hands of the church.

More TBA!