Melanie S. Wolfe, Author
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Current Projects

THE REST OF US: A human rights/social injustice themed anthology.

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Land of Tornadoes: A modern Grapes of Wrath with a side of The Outsiders, a dash of Mr. Robot and a pinch of The Walking Dead. 

After an environmental disaster in Oklahoma and the return of the dust bowl, a family of hackers plot their revenge on the oil industry but everything that can go wrong does and the Wilson family find themselves at war with each other and the elites they had hoped to take down.

Setting: Oklahoma; Wilson's ranch in the wasteland and Oklahoma City where a dome is being built to protect the rich

The added twist: Frackheads; people who consumed the poisoned waters. They don't turn into zombies, they just go crazy and become psychopaths and their lives shortened significantly.

 Keywords: Environmental disaster, YA, crossover, poverty, class warfare, family, anarchy, chaos, dystopian

Temporary cover