Melanie S. Wolfe, Author 
Affirmations, Sketchbooks and Journals 
M. Sovran Wolfe
The Starseed's Guide, Journal and Sketchbook

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There are three sections in this book; the messages, and the meditative drawing and journaling sections. This book is designed for you to randomly flip to the message you need for that day. After you read the message, turn the page and you will find a few blank pages. This section is here so that you can open and engage your creative side while meditating. This will help you align with the present, which will bring you back to unity and out of duality/time (future and past). Then draw, doodle, and contemplate what comes to you. When you’re done, go to the journal section of the book and free-write what comes to you. I left space so that you can do this again and again with each message. Eventually, the book will end up being a collage of art, messages, and most of all time spent going within.

The Universe Answers (COMING SOON)